Artist’s statement


Classically trained, award winning, studio based photographer.

Working mainly with film and cameras, crafting limited edition prints,

with style born out of a sense of place, a deep love of country and a particular colour palette.



My work has become noted for it’s painterly style using light and shade, Using a certain graphic subtlety, I find a calm, serene sensitivity by quietly observing my subjects.  Shooting with both film and digital cameras, my portfolio includes black and white photographs of fruit and vegetables, whilst my colour floral and botanical studies explore both minimal form and the notion of Mono Chrome.  One colour. 

 I like to live with my subjects as they develop, closely observing their colour and getting to know their characteristics whilst  preparing the set where they will reside, each with it’s own background created from it’s characteristics and colour.  Bringing subjects into the studio from nature enables me to draw attention to their natural beauty.  I work in my daylight studio, where I can then focus on the essence of the subject, looking beyond the expected – to capture minute detail, shape and pattern often overlooked and to explore symmetry, light, colour and texture.  With an emphasis on narrative – allow the subject communicate with the viewer through atmospheric technical in-camera painterly effects of the image over those of a literal, scientific subject matter.  Composition and tonal values are of upmost concern to create this type of sparse poetry.  


Through optimum attention to detail, I look to find that extra something, lifting the image beyond the simple photograph   of the stark clinical style from observing only a plants form, but rather a more painterly rendering, more akin to pictorialists through attention not just the visual components, but the representation of character and emotion seen during the time in the studio.   

There is a quiet, almost meditative process to my work, that comes in three stages – visualisation/preparation for the shoot, the shoot itself and the crafting of the print.  Each having the same meticulous attention to detail. 

Each and every print is made  to exacting standards.  With the advent of contemporary technology, I look to bring a fresh approach fusing analogue and digital technologies to create a new signature  – where the past and the future are gathered.

 It is here where the magic happens… through quiet incremental shifts to achieve the initial vision in the final print – expressive printmaking – producing hand crafted work, with emphasis on how beauty could be constructed as opposed to how it is found in nature. The resulting clear high-key prints and contemplative dark floral portraits give an illuminated insight into the emotions of natural forms that exist in nature.

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